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Re-think your tampon

I hate throwing away money on disposable items, paper cups, plates, serviette etc are all horribly wasteful and such a waste of money.  I spend well over R300.00 a month on tampons and pads every month during my period.  I hate that thought, I am 28, I started my periods at 13, so for the last 15 years, I have spent a staggering R54 000.00 on flushing things down the toilet.

What a waste of money and resources!

Never one to pose a question without offering a variety of solutions, I found a local answer to a universal problem, Miacup.  It is a menstral cup which I have read about on the web, however there was no company in SA offering this product.  Until I found Miacup.  “Produced entirely in South Africa using imported medical-grade, latex-free silicone rubber, Miacup is a great new alternative to menstrual pads and tampons.”

This little wonder product can be used for years and because your initial outlay is a once-off payment – R340.00, you don’t have to run off to the shops every month to stock up.

An added bonus, there are no harmful chemicals, no fluff, plastic or wrapping to cause damage to your body, eliminating the chance of TSS, fungal infections and general bad ingredients finding their way into your very private places. 

Something to think about when next you visit your tampon box…

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