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I love these sites!


Some of the sites I love to visit for inspiration and to see what others are doing. – a gorgeous crafting site, from clothing and home decor to bags and some cute toys. – a useful site with some great tips on organising your house and diy decorating. – totally fun site, great ideas for art works – I’m working on a collection of SA stamps for our hallway. – run by Megan, this site has light-hearted feel to crafting.  Easy crafts with great photos and clear instructions, I’m in love with Megan’s Christmas tree! – a helpful site for me – it gave me good ideas on how to calm down my worked up 4-year-old.  Also made me feel normal, that I’m not completely useless at this parenting thing. – an organisation based in South Africa – they fundraise, feed and uplift communities.  All with the help of their Happy Bars.  They need help to get their foundation funding to continue their work. – great safety products for kiddies.  They have been very generous over the last year with donations of presents and party pack items for birthdays and Christmas. – delicious diy beauty and makeup recipes.  So easy to use and something you can do with your sisters, daughters and friends.  Make a party of it! – a local lass, a friend of my sister-in-law.  Rocky does beautiful photos of pets as well as photos at our local SPCA of  those needing homes.  There is a scruffy one and a basset hound that are nudging my heart! – oh how I would love to meet Lauren.  She makes such gorgeous cakes and she also is super nice and puts her recipes on the blog.  With Lauren’s help I will be making my son”s “How to train your dragon”4th birthday cake.  I’m going to make the fondant and modeling chocolate myself – watch this space for updates on how well it turns out 🙂

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Be Barking Mad and Help Out

Barking Mad – My friend and loyal volunteer Kim sent me an email today about Barking Mad.  Not having heard of it, I logged onto the site and what a wonderful organisation they are.

What they do the animals and owners can be called angelic.  So many animals are left to their own devices.  It’s a pity we don’t have a Dogtown in East London, but we can still help them out.  Visit the site and click on the donate a food bowl to help them feed a pet today  They also have the cutest t-shirts for sale at only R100! 

One of the programmes is the Open Paw in Shelters –  

Open Paw in Shelters

While it is Open Paw’s goal to use education to keep animals out of shelters, we recognize that there are animals in shelters now who need our help. Imagine walking into an animal shelter where all is quiet and it smells good. The dogs are peacefully, lounging on beds chewing away on delectable food-stuffed chew toys or sitting calmly at the front of their kennels wagging “Hello” at every passer by. The cats are either curled up in beds on elevated platforms or batting at dangling catnip toys. Volunteers are busily training dogs throughout the facility and Cat Cuddlers are patiently teaching young playful cats to retract their claws before getting over-excited.

This is a shelter where people come for miles, clamoring to adopt the friendly, well-trained residents. These are cats and dogs that will easily settle into their new, permanent homes. This is a shelter where everyone that walks in, walks out just a little bit smarter, more aware of their animal companion’s needs. This is an Open Paw shelter.

Open Paw was created in January of 2000 with the goal of preventing the unwanted animal problem at its source. Most shelter animals were once perfectly normal, lovable and loved puppies and kittens. Yet many are surrendered to shelters or abandoned when they are six months to two years old.

Why have these animals become unwanted? In most cases, because of behavior, temperament, or training problems, all of which could easily have been prevented. Sadly, having come to the shelter with behavioral baggage already, many animals rapidly deteriorate after only a short time in the shelter environment. They often become de-housetrained, hyperactive, noisy, anxious, and lonely. Unless a vigorous socialization and training program is in effect, the animals, particularly puppies and kittens, become less and less adoptable, and less likely to remain in a home if they do become adopted, with each day that they stay in the shelter.

Barking Mad Wish List

Steel Dog Bowls
Beds and bedding
Collars and leads
Dog chews
Training Treats
Brain toys for dogs: Treat dispensers, kongs
Raw hides and chew toys for dogs
Squeeky tennis balls, this is their favorite toy
Deep freeze for Kongsicles

For the BarkingMad office and kennels:
Small white boards for names and details of dogs
White board Markers
Ink for Hp office jet 6313
CTV system – so we can watch our dogs 24/7
Hut  3x3m2 for office to be set up in
Filing cabinet
Hut 3x3m2 for kennels for dogs
Shade cloth

BarkingMad is the website of Dogtown South Africa PTY LTD A section 21 non profit Company 2009/015936/08

*Please take note of our new banking details*
Make your donations to Dogtown South Africa

Account Name: Dogtown South Africa
Branch Code: 254005
Account Number: 62240425571
First National Bank
Cnr Main And Republic Road


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