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Our Supporters – We say THANK YOU

Kim and I want to acknowledge all those to support us – without them, our hard work would not be possible.  If we have missed your details, please let us know – we try to be flawless but sometimes it is slight off centre 🙂

  4 A Kid – Child Safety First
  Ally Cohen

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Moms and Tots – Arts & Crafts Session 31st July 2010

We are hosting a craft session for abandoned/foster kiddies and their parents on Saturday, 31st July 2010.  The theme is moms and mother figures, as August is Women’s month.

We will be doing painting, drawing, windmills and rock pets with the younger children, with painting, drawing,  junk flowers and photo frames for the older children.

We will do face painting during the session, take loads of photos and have some cool drink and sweets with the kiddies.

Items we need for the session are:

Poster paints – blue, red, yellow, white and black
16 Paint brushes –  various sizes
Pieces of wood – various sizes for older children to paint on
Glue – runny, clear type and pritt
Glitter – huge hit with the kids
Pipe cleaners
Jumbo wax crayons
Pencil crayons
10 pairs blunt nose scissors
Koki pens
2 pencil sharpeners
Wood glue
Acrylic paint – blue, red, yellow, black and white
Prestick, face paints

Junk that we use to inspire which we are always looking for:

Toilet paper rolls
Cereal and other boxes
Glass bottles
Coloured plastic bottles
2l coke bottles
Newspaper (lots, mostly to cover the tables and floor)
Fabric, buttons, beads
Wood, sawdust
Smooth rocks, shells
Feathers, wool, cotton wool
Anything really, bring it we will use it!

If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation, you are more than welcome.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us supervise, inspire and spend time with the kiddies, your time will be greatly appreciated!

Contact Hayleigh on:

Cell:  083 263 0419 or Email:

The crafts will be collected and sold to assist the Make A Difference project.

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