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Global Economic Summit – Can we help ourselves

The recent recession hit many of us in South Africa hard.  High numbers of jobs were lost as countless companies closed their doors.  My husband’s family business was hard hit aswell, with blessing, they have remained open, however our budget has become exceptional tight.

A radio discussion this morning got me thinking, I don’t like many ideas our government has on health, housing, social development and environmental issues – I won’t even start on economic issues.  I also feel we talk more than we do.  My activities in the local community help me to give back and do my bit for our society, however I’m left with, “what can I do to take hold of my family’s future in these dull times?”

I feel very strongly that we should all have a skill, hobby or pastime that we enjoy doing.  Why not use that skill or hobby to create a safety net for you to fall financially?  We don’t have to be the next Martha Stewart, but we can make small nest eggs for ourselves.  My thinking is that not only will it be an excuse for you to enjoy something that you love doing, but you can then become a little bit more independent from the government.  This way we become more in control of our future and less reliant on government to create jobs for us. 

So if you don’t like what you hear coming from the Global Economic Summit, don’t feel despondent, you can do something about it!  We can also use this as part of our children’s lives to teach them about hard work and how there is no substitute for it.

Good luck on your independent missions and let me know how it goes…

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Christmas Shoe Box Project

Hello all – with Christmas around the coner, we are planning to host 4 Christmas parties for organisations in our town.  The idea is to give each kiddie a small gift in a shoe box to be wrapped by us. 

We are expecting roughly 90 kiddies in total and we want to give each a small, thoughtful gift.  Below is the list of kiddies we are needing gifts for, if you would like to sponsor a gift/s, please email us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to collect the gift once you are ready.

We would like to have all gifts registered and collected by Wednesday, 6th December 2010.  Should you wish to donate money instead of a gift, you are welcome to do so.

All who donate will receive photos of “thier” kiddie at the party as well as a drawing or artwork done by them, to bring a smile to your heart.

Name Age Boy Girl
Ayinda 19 years boy  
Siyamtanda 17 years boy  
Spokhazi 10 years   girl
Rosie 9 years   girl
Jeremiah 6 months boy  
Lunga 11 years boys  
Anna-Grace 17 months   girl
Sibusiso 4 years boy  
Yonelani 5 years   girl
Leeabona 4 years boy  
Sihle ?   girl
Azasakhe 18months boy  
Siybabongo 12 years boy  
Unathi 14 years boy  
Esther 4 months   girl
Bayinda 17 years boy  
Siphelele 12 years boy  
Simphiwe 16 years boy  
Davide 15 years boy  
Asanda 3 years   girl
Bolelo 13 years boy  
Juvadiar 13 years   girl
Gabriel 2months boy  
Vuyokazi 9 years   girl
Smandla 13 years   girl
Jenita 15 years   girl
Sukiswa 18 years   girl
Spathili 7 years boy  
Zemelo 4 years   girl
Zinzi Ruth 1 year   girl
Daniel 5 years boy  
Ncumisa 5 years   girl
Unanmandla 7 years boy  
David 1 year boy  
Ziyanda 16 years   Girl
Lihl 2 years   girl
Caleb 22 months boy  
Nathan 15 years boy  
Oyinthando 10months boy  
Phamandla 10 years boy  
Simnikiwe 7 years   girl
Sakhikhay 11 years boys  
Somikazi ?   girl
Patricia 18 years   girl
Athenkosi 7 years boy  
Karen-Leigh ?   girl
Lukhona 5 years boy  
Siyamthanda 3 years   girl
Lusanda 8 years   girl
Molly approx 3yrs   girl
Timothy 1 week  boy  
Siyabonga 3 years boy  
Mfenana 3 years   girl
Sibabalo 4 years   girl
Asenathi 7 years   girl
Athi 13 years boy  


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Our First Visit to Lukhanyiso School

We visited – our first visit to Lukhanysio School in Amalinda Forest, East London was an eye opener.  This is the school where we will be piloting our school veggie garden project.

We found a school in need of so much, yet the children smiled and played as if they didn’t have a care in the world.  We will put the final touches on the plan this week to hopeful break ground the second week in August.

After seeing the school, we not only want to help establish a veggie garden, we want to help to get the school into a better learning and teaching environment.

Items that were noted that needed attention:

  • broken windows
  • broken tables and chairs
  • serious lack of tables and chairs
  • shelving for library
  • security gates and bars of all classrooms
  • container needed for a computer lab for teachers and students
  • proper kitchen facilities
  • proper school hall / dining hall
  • proper grass and playground equipment
  • desks for teachers
  • proper staff room
  • high volume photocopiers and printer
  • fax machine
  • computers for teachers adminstration
  • water tanks to provide drinking water
  • signage for the school
  • paint for the buildings
  • educational materials for teachers and classrooms
  • plastic plates for lunches
  • metal spoons for lunches
  • plastic cups with handles for soups and drinking

We would also want to provide each child at the school with a hygiene bag consisting of:

  • 1 x face cloth
  • 1 x toothbrush
  • 1 x toothpaste
  • 1 x soap
  • 1 x draw string material bag with child’s name on

We want cleaning and hygiene to become a habit for these children to help prevent disease and spreading of colds and flu. 

If anyone would like to help us with donations of equipment or you want to get down and dirty with us – your are most welcome!

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We have been Nominated!

We have been nominated – my sister-in-law, Candi, emailed me yesterday to say that she had entered me in the FairLady Clarins Most Dynamisante Women competition.

I was so touched by her nomination, not only because it would create wonderful publicity for us, but als because Candi thought our work was good enough to nominate.

Thank you so much Candi, you are the best Aunty Candi ever!  If you would like to nominate us or another super lady go to and fill in the entry form.

Good luck and add some extra nominations for us 🙂

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July Fundraiser – 24th July 2010

Our fundraiser this month is for the Make A Difference (M.A.D) project.  M.A.D helps abandoned and vulnerable children with items like clothing, food and love.  They also do fundraising for various homes in and around East London who help care and protect these children.

 Our venue for this month is the lovely Cafe Basil, now situated at 3 Tecoma Street, Berea.  The new cafe is uber stylish, relaxed and inviting.  Come join us for Cappuccino and Cake for only R24.90 with delicious meals on the menu.  Bring along a donation of R20.00 or more for the M.A.D collection. 


Also remember our Unloved Items – any item, any condition will be welcomed and put to good use for charity.  Our Arts & Crafts boxes need to be restocked so any item along those lines is appreciated.  Details of the fundraiser are:

 Date:  Saturday, 24th July 2010
Time:  11:00 to 13:00
Venue: Cafe Basil, East London

 Looking forward to relaxing with friend, good coffee and great food!

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Wave Your Flag – Collection Points

Wave Your Flag – Since Tuesday, our inbox has been filled with some many responses to our project, my fingers can’t type quick enough in answering our email!

Collection Points

Cape Town
Bio-Baba Head Office
No 7 Athlone Road
Att: Vicki Penfold
Tel: 021 761 8982

Leuco Tools
4 Sunrock Close
Sunnyrock, Extension 2
Att: Johan

Property Week
Fishers Hill
Att: Cheynee
Tel:011 822 3980

If you need flags collected from your premises in Gauteng, kindly phone Lionel on 079 884 0154 or Cheynee on 072 777 2399 to arrange collection.

Visit us daily to get updates on collection points in different cities!

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We Got Another Mention

Driving to work this morning I was ecstatic to hear Lee-Ann mentioned us on Gareth Cliff’s 5fm morning show!  I almost missed the 4 way stop because I was going wild instead of  breaking. 

Luckily I drive like snail (according to my hubby) 🙂 🙂  There’s a reason I stick to the speed limit.

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15 Seconds of Fame

 We were very excited to get a call yesterday from the Fresh Drive’s Catherine asking to chat live on air after 16hoo.  So awesome and totally nerve-racking!  So we had our 15 seconds of fame, which my sister phoned me after to tell me I sounded all prim and proper, all which I am very far from 🙂

 We have had a wonderful response from those 15 seconds, ranging from people blogging about us, to a website design offer and a school wanting to host collections for us – thank you SA, you make this country what it is!

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Wave Your Flag

Wave Your Flag – With the world cup completed and everyone at a loss at to what to do with themselves, we have a plan for all those who have flags, they are not sure what to do with…

We will be collecting flags, the large SA flags will be put up at needy schools to help them be super proud to be South African.  Smaller flags will be used to create proudly South African and other countries clothing, bags, etc.

All will be sold to help fund our school community garden project.  Give us your unwanted flags and we’ll make sure they get put to good use, and wave your flag… 🙂

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Recycled Inc Events Calendar

In this busy day in age, I can’t keep track of everything on the go, so to help you out a bit, here is our events calendar which will give you an idea of what’s up and coming!

Recycled Inc Calendar 2010


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