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Recycle Your Oil

Cooking oil and other natural oils can be easily reused to make soaps or deposit in your compost heep, motor oil and other lubricants on the other hand are a different story…

We have found someone to help you with that!

ROSE Foundation
Suite A, 9 Waverley Court
7 Kotzee Road
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 448 7492
Fax: 021 448 7563
Contact: Raj Lochan

The ROSE Foundation manages the environmentally acceptable collection, storage and recycling of used lubricating oil throughout South Africa. For used oil collections, call 0800 107 107.

The Bin

What to do with stuff you can't reuse at home

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CFL Recover, Recycling & Disposal

Within recent weeks, Eskom has been hosting light bulb exchange tables at various Spar’s around East London.  The obvious purpose would be to roll out energy saving Compact flourescent Lights (CFL) to help with their power shortage, however a less obvious purpose is the proper disposal of the old light bulbs.

Light bulbs have a number of chemicals used to make to unit what it is.  The main chemical of concern is mercury.  Mercury is a naturally occurring metal, however in very small doses, classed as a heavy metal, mercury, is very poisonous and once in the soil, takes years to be absorbed. 

Eskom’s drive highlights the need for proper disposal of light bulbs, which many of us take for granted.  With separation at the source, Eskom encourages consumers to dispose of bulbs at bulb collection points.

Currently Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay offer bulb collection points.  Also contact your local council for other options.  I have also seen a collection box for batteries at the Beacon Bay Pick ‘n Pay store.

source – Eskom – CFL Implementation Guideline

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Toner Cartridges – You should recycle them!

Due to the nature of the chemical and other materials used in the manufactering and production of printer toner cartridges, we cannot safely use the units for project purposes.

BUT WAIT! – we found a solution for you that will not only benefit the environment, it’ll help your pocket as well.

Incredible Connection is running a recycling inititave, you bring your old cartridges and they give you cash back on your next purchase.  Impressive and a good way to start a trend of recycling hazardous materials!

Please do send us your toner packaging if you don’t need it, it has proved very useful 🙂

Contact your nearest branch for further details or log onto

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