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Christmas Shoe Box Project

Hello all – with Christmas around the coner, we are planning to host 4 Christmas parties for organisations in our town.  The idea is to give each kiddie a small gift in a shoe box to be wrapped by us. 

We are expecting roughly 90 kiddies in total and we want to give each a small, thoughtful gift.  Below is the list of kiddies we are needing gifts for, if you would like to sponsor a gift/s, please email us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements to collect the gift once you are ready.

We would like to have all gifts registered and collected by Wednesday, 6th December 2010.  Should you wish to donate money instead of a gift, you are welcome to do so.

All who donate will receive photos of “thier” kiddie at the party as well as a drawing or artwork done by them, to bring a smile to your heart.

Name Age Boy Girl
Ayinda 19 years boy  
Siyamtanda 17 years boy  
Spokhazi 10 years   girl
Rosie 9 years   girl
Jeremiah 6 months boy  
Lunga 11 years boys  
Anna-Grace 17 months   girl
Sibusiso 4 years boy  
Yonelani 5 years   girl
Leeabona 4 years boy  
Sihle ?   girl
Azasakhe 18months boy  
Siybabongo 12 years boy  
Unathi 14 years boy  
Esther 4 months   girl
Bayinda 17 years boy  
Siphelele 12 years boy  
Simphiwe 16 years boy  
Davide 15 years boy  
Asanda 3 years   girl
Bolelo 13 years boy  
Juvadiar 13 years   girl
Gabriel 2months boy  
Vuyokazi 9 years   girl
Smandla 13 years   girl
Jenita 15 years   girl
Sukiswa 18 years   girl
Spathili 7 years boy  
Zemelo 4 years   girl
Zinzi Ruth 1 year   girl
Daniel 5 years boy  
Ncumisa 5 years   girl
Unanmandla 7 years boy  
David 1 year boy  
Ziyanda 16 years   Girl
Lihl 2 years   girl
Caleb 22 months boy  
Nathan 15 years boy  
Oyinthando 10months boy  
Phamandla 10 years boy  
Simnikiwe 7 years   girl
Sakhikhay 11 years boys  
Somikazi ?   girl
Patricia 18 years   girl
Athenkosi 7 years boy  
Karen-Leigh ?   girl
Lukhona 5 years boy  
Siyamthanda 3 years   girl
Lusanda 8 years   girl
Molly approx 3yrs   girl
Timothy 1 week  boy  
Siyabonga 3 years boy  
Mfenana 3 years   girl
Sibabalo 4 years   girl
Asenathi 7 years   girl
Athi 13 years boy  


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For Sale – Colours of Love Painting

Once-off painting “Colours of Love” on recycled materials

A wonderful addition to any room, in any home.  The colours bring love and smiles to your life.  Done a local artist, this painting is ready to hang.

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For Sale – Sunflower Painting

Colourful, once-off sunflower painting on recycled materials.  Beautiful piece, ready to hang in your home…

Painted by a local artist, Sunflower painting – R300.00.  To view, email us at!

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Bags of Demin

We are launching our new range of demin bags – made from 100% recycled materials, each bag has it’s own unique look and feel.  No-one will have the same bag as you!



All bags are hand crafted, lined with funky, colourful lining and completely once off.  Funds created from the sale of the bags will help with to purchase additional sewing machines for our projects.

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For Sale – Key rings

Take a look at the latest items for sale –

Key Rings – R25.00 each
Wide variety, cool and funky colours. 

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We love this – Pick n Pay Green Range

With our water recycling system, I have found it very hard to find products that can be safely used to clean our household.  This weekend, I finally took a stab at the Pick n Pay Green range with their all purpose cleaner.

Although the product is about R10.00 more then the normal cleaners, it works better then the normal cleaners.  The price is reseasonable when compared with other “green” products. I would definately recommend it! 

 The range consists of anything from disenfectants to fabric softner, give the products a try and do your small bit for our children’s future…

PnP Green – When it comes to being eco-friendly, PnP is as concerned as you are. That’s why we’ve introduced our range of PnP Green cleaning products. The range is biodegradable and non-toxic to all members of your family, as well as pets, plants and aquatic life, making it the smart choice when it comes to preserving our planet.

What makes our products green?

  • Biodegradable after use
  • Contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate; Ammonia or Chlorine
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Not toxic to humans, animals, plants, septic tanks or aquatic life
  • Non-corrosive
  • Packaging is recyclable

The PnP Green range is biodegradable and is naturally integrated into the environment. Non-biodegradable products can take up to 850 years to biodegrade in nature, resulting in pollution of lakes and rivers, and contributing to ever-expanding landfills. The PnP products are fully biodegradable.

source –

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Big Spring Clean Campange

Spring is Here! – well in SA that is.  To kick off the fresh blooms and spring rains, we are launching our Big Spring Clean Campagne.  We are encouraging everyone to spring clean their homes and send us your junk!

Remember, everything and anything that you don’t want anymore – we need it.  You can drop off your junk at the following venues –

  • Our office – 6 Cunningham Avenue, Cambridge, East London
  • House of Occasions – Chamberlin Road, Berea, East London
  • Border Armature Winders – 1 Bowls Road, Arcadia, East London

Or you can call Hayleigh – 083 263 0419 or Kim – 082 717 9526 and we’ll collect!

So get spring cleaning fever and toss your junk our way 🙂  And remember use biodegradable cleaners to help to your bit for the environment.


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