Wave Your Flag

Wave Your Flag – With the world cup completed and everyone at a loss at to what to do with themselves, we have a plan for all those who have flags, they are not sure what to do with…

We will be collecting flags, the large SA flags will be put up at needy schools to help them be super proud to be South African.  Smaller flags will be used to create proudly South African and other countries clothing, bags, etc.

All will be sold to help fund our school community garden project.  Give us your unwanted flags and we’ll make sure they get put to good use, and wave your flag… 🙂

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  1. 1

    Jenty said,

    Awesome idea, I heard about it on 5FM this afternoon. Will blog about it for you

    • 2

      Hayleigh said,

      Thank you so much! It was super cool been on national radio, my sister phoned me and said I sounded prim and proper, blah, I hope not.

      We need all the help we can get:)

  2. 3

    […] they have a blog too… check it out, and send them your […]

    • 4

      Hayleigh said,

      Thank you so much for your support, we should all be proudly South African and keep the flags flying high! Watch our blog for updates on the products made from Wave Your Flag project and also the schools we put flags at.

  3. 5

    JayJay said,

    Were is this project situated? Is it national? I’m based in Cape Town and we as a company probably have about 100 flags that I’d like to ask the staff to return for this project.

    Awesome idea!!!

  4. 7

    Gill said,

    Great idea, but how do we send flags from CT. Difficult to find you via Google and no contact details?

  5. 9

    Karen said,

    going to do the same with our company in gauteng, hyde park. please email me collection points.

  6. 10

    Em said,

    I’m from Cape Town and I’d really like to get my school involved in the flag collection in aid of your graden project. I’d just like a bit more information. Are you collecting all types of South African flags? Are you collecting the car wing mirror flags too? How do we get the flags to you? I heard about this organisation on 5fm and I think it is wonderful and very clever what you are doing.
    Please let me know – I’d really like to be involved!

    • 11

      Hayleigh said,

      Hello Em, thanks for visiting us. To answer your questions, we have collection points in Cape Town. I will post and email the details this morning. We are collecting any and all flags, SA and other countries, flags, mirror socks, any sort of flag that you want to send, we will find a use for!

      • 12

        Em said,

        Hi again
        So we’ve started collecting at my school. is there a specific date you need the flags by? How long should I run the collection for?

      • 13

        Hayleigh said,

        Morning Em

        Thank you so much for collecting for us! If you can run your collection for August and September that would be super cool!

        Let me know what you can manage 🙂

  7. 14

    Nadia Moosajee said,


    I love that you guys are recycling these flags, I was at a loss as to what to do with them.
    I work for nedbank and am planning to collect as much as I can as all our departments are decorated with them. Please inbox me details as to how to get them to you.
    Thanks & well done:)

  8. 16

    I appreciate ur neat posts. I will be subscribing

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