On a Sad Note – Our Home

On a Sad Note – Our Home


On a sad note, our home was broken into on Tuesday.  A great number of items were taken but what broke my heart more then anything else was that our video camera and digital camera were taken.  Both items had the video and photos of my youngest son’s first hair cut which his dad did on Sunday.

Our computer which the life line of Recycled Inc as also taken so the updates will be slow and not as frequent.  We are in the process of making sure our home and the Recycled Inc office is very secure.  Your patience and thought are appreciated as we reclam our space!

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend!


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    Julie Barnes said,

    My company has a whole lot of old toner cartridges. How can I get them to you for recycling? My company is in Durban.

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      Hayleigh said,

      Morning Julie,

      Wonderful steps that your company is taking to recycle, thank you! You don’t need to send your cartridges to me to recycle, you can take them to your local Pick n Pay or Incrediable Connention. Both have bins that you can drop your cartridges in and they send them off to be safely recycled.

      Let me know your experiance and send us photos and updates so we can show our country how easy it is to make a difference!

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