Word of the Day – Confused?

So confused


Before we moved into our house, I did a vast amount of shopping, stocking up from October last year on toilettries etc.  I did the stock piling to ensure that when we not run out of essentials while in a state of unpacked chaos.

This means that I have unfortunately a stock pile of very unfriendly chemicals in my linen cupboard, which slowly we are using and replacing with homemade, natural alternatives.  A few nights ago, my hubby, Mark asked for a new soap, which I fetched from the bottom of the linen cupboard.

Well known SA soap brand with germ fighting things and classed as “gental” is what I gave him before reading the lable.  I had never heard of the first ingrediant, let alone many of the rest.  Here is the list of ingrediants. 

A few we should all have heard about at some stage, but many were a bit confusing.  Those that have already been word of the days will not be duplicated, the others, I’ll be researching over the next few days:

  1. Sodium tallowate
  2. Sodium plamate
  3. Aqua
  4. Solium palm kernelate
  5. Glycerin
  6. Tricholracarbanilide
  7. Parfum
  8. Tetrasodium EDTA
  9. Etidronic acid
  10. Titanium dioxide
  11. Disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate
  12. Hexyl cinnamal
  13. Benzyl salicylate
  14. Limonene
  15. Amyl cinnamal
  16. CI 74160

What a mouth full!  The 100g bar needs more printing for the ingrediants list then for the anufacturers contact details, weight, bar code and logo.  The one good thing I did find on the packaging was a small logo with detailing a charity that the manufacter supports.

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    hey whats your myspace page.

    • 2

      Hayleigh said,

      I’ve just setup the myspace page and we’re having a few teething problems, but search for us on recycledinc.

      Please hang tough with us, we’ll get our myspace page sorted out shortly.

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