Grey Water – Do We Waste?

We recently bought our first home, amazingly one only notices how much water, electricity etc you use once you have to start paying some of your hard-earned cash for it!

I am determined  to get our grey water recycling to the point where our Recycle your grey water, use it for your garden!house is independent of municipal water.  To get us started, I have started making all our own cleaning products.

All the cleaning products are made with items that I can either buy at Pick n Pay or at Metro.  All the items are either food stuffs or items that are natural products.

I paid attention the last few days how much water just gets emptied down the drain from our washing machine and dishwasher – all water which we could reuse.

I got one step closer last night by explaining to my hubby that not only am I terrified of our first water account, but I’m sure we have exceeded the allowance and we’ll pay penalties. 

So with Mark on board, hopefully we will be that much closer to not only reusing water but also saving money and teaching our boys to be more aware.

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