10 Very Good Reasons to Use Bio-Baba

You can’t beat the ‘Eco-Chic’ Bio-Baba nappy for versatility! 10 Good Reasons to choose Bio-Baba Nappies

1. Bio-Baba nappies are the most versatile cloth nappy on the market – they are the only nappy that can be used for everyday, night time, swimming AND potty training! (So you don’t have to pay for separate waterproofs, swim nappies or potty training pants!!!)

The all-in-one design (nappy, liner and waterproof so no separate time-wasting procedures when fitting) has wide-band Velcro for a snug fit; smart-fit tabs which stop the Velcro picking up lint during washing; multi-padding with hemp for super absorbency and breathable fun-coloured outers. (Also white for more conventional mums!) Available in Blue, Yellow, Red, White & Pink.

2. The hemp used in the removable ‘Booster Pad’ does all the hard work of the nappy. So, instead of the waterproof doing the hard work (which it does in other cloth nappies), this pad absorbs all the wetness, wicking it away from babies skin.

Hemp is recognized as one of the world’s strongest natural fibres – the more you wash it – the more absorbent it becomes! It also has anti-bacterial qualities and uses no pesticides in its growth. As the hemp is so absorbent, it means that the Super-Slim Bio-Baba is not bulky and dries well.

3. You will be saving a great deal of money – Considering that a baby will on average have 5,500 nappy changes, that equates to between R 12,000 and R 15,000. By using the Bio-Baba nappy you could easily save R10 000 (including water, electricity and detergent for washing).

4. You will also be saving time which comes at a premium these days! Because of the all-in-one design of the super-absorbent nappy, you will not spend ages fitting it together and will also need fewer nappy changes because of the super-absorbent hemp.

5. There are numerous health issues: the first is the use of Sodium polyacrylate gel can absorb 100 times its weight in liquid and makes for a very absorbent nappy! However, it has been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome in tampon use and is no longer used in their manufacture. It is still used in disposables.

Also, the lack of padding in disposable nappies is considered a hazard when baby is learning to walk and falling on his/her bottom on a regular basis. Some paediatric specialists believe that the increase in hip dysplasia and other spinal injuries is related to the lack of padding and support provided by disposables. Extra padding in the Bio-Baba nappies reduces this risk.

6. The Environment – If you have a baby in disposable nappies in your home, your household waste doubles! • In 2½years in disposable nappies a baby will have:

 used 325kg of plastic

 20 trees worth of paper

 produced 1 tonne of landfill space •

Disposable nappies are the world’s 3rd biggest waste contributor behind newspapers at No.1 and containers/packaging for food. Your household is no different… approx. 350 million are thrown away annually in SA, 9 million a day in the UK and 20 billion a year in the US and Canada…they do not bio-degrade!

7. Comfort – The Bio-Baba nappy is extremely comfortable. You will simply not find a better cloth nappy; they have been specifically designed to wick moisture away from the babies’ skin, meaning that even though the baby may have an extremely wet nappy, the baby itself is dry.

Moreover, careful fabric choices such as soft 100% cotton, hemp with anti-bacterial qualities and breathable outers have been used to ensure maximum comfort.

8. Toilet Training – children in real nappies DO toilet train, on average, around 6 months earlier than their peers in disposables: a child in real nappies knows when they are wet, and so makes the connection between bladder release and a wet nappy. It is this which is the vital first step in toilet training. Bio-Baba nappies are excellent nappies for potty training.

9. Bio-Baba nappies come in fun bright primary colours; Red, Blue and Yellow as well as a white. The best teaching moments are ones that aren’t planned – choosing a different colour nappy is a great way for toddlers to get to grips with their colours. This also means that you do not have to wear anything over the ‘Eco-Chic’ Bio-Baba as the nappies look extremely cool just on their own!

10. Employment – one of the biggest problems faced by South Africa today is a lack of employment. We often have highly skilled, highly educated people unable to find work. Bio-Baba nappies provide work for the communities of Grassy Park, Lotus River, Athlone and Bonteheuwel.

They are not cheap imports and are made with the finest quality South African fabrics.


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