Bio-Baba Nappies

Pegged as Fit Pregnancy magazine’s ‘most convenient’ ,‘easiest to use’ and ‘nicest looking’ cloth nappy! (March 2009)

Bio-Baba nappies are so versatile that a single nappy can be used for:
• day nappies
• night nappies
• swim nappies
• potty training

The all-in-one design (nappy, liner and waterproof) means that they are so quick and easy to fit that anyone can do it. You will also not have to pay for more waterproofs, swim nappies or potty training pants! Bio-Babas are made from 100% unbleached cotton with multi-layers of sustainable and super-absorbent hemp…you simply won’t find a more efficient cloth nappy.

Disposables are one of the world’s biggest waste contributors behind newspapers at No.1, and containers/packaging for food. If you have a baby in disposable diapers, your household will be no different… millions are thrown away annually in SA, 9 million a day in the UK and 20 billion a year in the US and Canada…they do not bio-degrade!

Did you know that if you have a baby in disposable nappies in your home, your household waste doubles! It is estimated that approximately half of household waste in the UK is made up of disposable nappies…

In 2 1/2 years in disposable nappies a baby will have:
• used 325kg of plastic
• 20 trees worth of paper
• produced 1 tonne of landfill space

If you are eco-conscious and want what is best for your baby then take back their future by investing in these cost-saving nappies NOW!

If you are pregnant/1st time customer and want to avoid the inevitable ‘baby tax’ of disposable nappies (between R12 000 – R15 000 before baby is potty trained) – then take advantage of this sustainable nappy solution by ordering now


Bio-Baba Head Office

No. 7 Athlone Rd

Vicki Penfold

Tel: +27 21 761 8982
Fax: +27 21 761 8982

Online shopping site:

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