Where is the Love?

How big is your heart?


 Driving to work one morning with the sun shining in my eyes as I drive over a blind rise, this song comes on the only radio station I listen to, 5fm. 

This is unusual because the song is not new by any means and been around 7:30am on the Gareth Cliff show, it ment one of two things: 

  1. either it was the “oldies” section of the show or
  2. Gareth Cliff actually liked the song

Either way the song left an impression on me.  Although I had heard the song a few years before, when the BEP’s were just starting to make it big, the song now took on a different meaning. 

The song gave meaning to what I was trying to do with my “community project”.  I was trying to make a difference and show people that to look after someone else is not only show love to God and the other person, but to show love for yourself.  Thereby creating a contagious effect that people would be infected with the good feeling you get by helping out someone else. 

In the spirit of giving and paying forward, I say “Thank You” to the BEP’s for having the courage to do the song and making it an anthem for my project.  In the process I hope I don’t get sued for calling it by the song title or using the artwork as a symbol of hope, help and love. 



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