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Free Venue needed for Fundraiser

We are looking for a venue for a fundraiser we are planning for Saturday 17th or 24th of April.

The venue needs to be centrally located in the East London area, with bar and resturant facilities.  A out-door play area or childrens play area would be an added bonus but not necessary.

The fundraiser would be a “brunch” with guests buying food and drinks from the venue. We will be hosting an auction to raise funds.

We are expecting around 50 guest. Anyone who would be will to assist, please contact Hayleigh on 083 263 0419 or email

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We Need You!

Volenteer ProfileYes, you can help us!

 Donations of unloved and junk items are always welcome and are vital for us to continue our work.

 Donations of time and resources to our various projects and fund raising efforts are always required, getting involved in your community is extremely rewarding.  Hosting a “Hayleigh Hamper” box is a simple, effective way to benefit our projects.

 Our craft, decor and kitchen projects are inexpensive, hand-made and unique.  Hosting a craft or hobby class is gratifying and we are always looking for new classes to offer.  We have many projects we need help with, you need only ask!

 How to contact us

 Cell:  083 263 0419

Fax:  086 513 4400



Office:  6 Cunningham Avenue, Cambridge, East London 5247

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CFL Recover, Recycling & Disposal

Within recent weeks, Eskom has been hosting light bulb exchange tables at various Spar’s around East London.  The obvious purpose would be to roll out energy saving Compact flourescent Lights (CFL) to help with their power shortage, however a less obvious purpose is the proper disposal of the old light bulbs.

Light bulbs have a number of chemicals used to make to unit what it is.  The main chemical of concern is mercury.  Mercury is a naturally occurring metal, however in very small doses, classed as a heavy metal, mercury, is very poisonous and once in the soil, takes years to be absorbed. 

Eskom’s drive highlights the need for proper disposal of light bulbs, which many of us take for granted.  With separation at the source, Eskom encourages consumers to dispose of bulbs at bulb collection points.

Currently Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay offer bulb collection points.  Also contact your local council for other options.  I have also seen a collection box for batteries at the Beacon Bay Pick ‘n Pay store.

source – Eskom – CFL Implementation Guideline

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Toner Cartridges – You should recycle them!

Due to the nature of the chemical and other materials used in the manufactering and production of printer toner cartridges, we cannot safely use the units for project purposes.

BUT WAIT! – we found a solution for you that will not only benefit the environment, it’ll help your pocket as well.

Incredible Connection is running a recycling inititave, you bring your old cartridges and they give you cash back on your next purchase.  Impressive and a good way to start a trend of recycling hazardous materials!

Please do send us your toner packaging if you don’t need it, it has proved very useful 🙂

Contact your nearest branch for further details or log onto

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Thank you from our little “Unknowns”

I sent out sms’ and emails requesting donations of clothing for 3 little unknown who arrived at a local hospital last week.  I would like to say a very large thank you to the following people who generously donated to our little people:

  1. Jean and Megan Dove – Clothing
  2. Pete, Jen and Bjorn Barrington – Clothing and toys
  3. Anthony Davis – Toys
  4. Babalwa Palaza – Clothing
  5. Debbie & Di from CHOC – Clothing

Many thanks once again to our angels!

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Where is the Love?

How big is your heart?


 Driving to work one morning with the sun shining in my eyes as I drive over a blind rise, this song comes on the only radio station I listen to, 5fm. 

This is unusual because the song is not new by any means and been around 7:30am on the Gareth Cliff show, it ment one of two things: 

  1. either it was the “oldies” section of the show or
  2. Gareth Cliff actually liked the song

Either way the song left an impression on me.  Although I had heard the song a few years before, when the BEP’s were just starting to make it big, the song now took on a different meaning. 

The song gave meaning to what I was trying to do with my “community project”.  I was trying to make a difference and show people that to look after someone else is not only show love to God and the other person, but to show love for yourself.  Thereby creating a contagious effect that people would be infected with the good feeling you get by helping out someone else. 

In the spirit of giving and paying forward, I say “Thank You” to the BEP’s for having the courage to do the song and making it an anthem for my project.  In the process I hope I don’t get sued for calling it by the song title or using the artwork as a symbol of hope, help and love.

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Donations for Easter Blessings

We are looking for donations of sweets, packaging and colourful ribbons for our Easter Blessing project.  We would like to give out 1000 packets of Easter Blessing to various schools and the Salvation Army homes in East London.

We are looking for sweets of all kinds, which we’ll package and make blessing cards for the packets which we will distribute in the last week of March 2010.

Anyone looking to get involved with either donations of sweets etc or time to decorate and package, please contact us!

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